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Old Glory Relay:  October 21, 2016

    Today EBISD had a neat opportunity to show our support for veterans and be a part of something bigger than all of us.  The Old Glory Relay (an American Flag relay from coast to coast to raise money for our veterans) encourages the community to show respect for the flag and pay tribute to our veterans. 

    Our cross country runners joined the relay along Fitzgerald where they stopped in front of the high school for a prayer led by Mr. Gaudette, the pledges, cheers from the EBHS squad, and the national anthem and school fight song played by the Mighty Brahma Band. The elementary and junior high students also lined the streets, holding patriotic signs, and giving high fives to the runners. 

    It was a beautiful event and another time that our district just shines! Thank you to all who participated and assisted in the planning. 

EBHS Special Events Dress Code:
(see Principal's Corner)

Be Loud, Be Proud, Be a Brahma!
     As we begin the school year, and another season of extracurricular events, we want to remind students, and adults alike to, Be Loud, Be Proud, Be a Brahma!   

     The governing body of Texas high school athletics, the University Interscholastic League, has outlined expectations for all spectators and participants at these events.  The expectations are focused on Character, Attitude, Responsibility, and Ethics and it serves as a reminder that extracurricular events are simply an extension of the classroom for the students.  Sportsmanship is paramount and is the ultimate goal of both the UIL, and EBHS.

     So, come to the events and cheer Loudly for the Brahmas, wear your maroon with Pride, and support   the Brahmas in both victory and defeat.

UIL Sportsmanship Manual:

Educational Philosophy/Mission Statement 

All students will develop essential academic skills and acquire a
knowledge base upon which to build lifelong learning.

Citizenship, economic responsibilities, heritage, logic, 
independence, creativity, and communication shall be 

To fulfill this mission, instruction must be of the 
highest quality, equity must be maintained for all students, and 
educators shall be accountable for results.

District Motto:    

Making the Best Better!